Invitation to the 1st-SMALLDERS Technical Workshop (Tunisia)

The FST SMALLDERS team (UR LAPER, Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, University of Tunis El Manar), invites you to a Technical Workshop on “Agri-Food Supply Chain in the Tunisian Context: Challenges and Solution”.

Many problems and multiple solutions will be presented and discussed with different actors in the agri-food supply chain, stakeholders as well as smallholders of the Cap Bon region (NABEUL).

 The event will take place on May 03, 2023 at the Ali El Hili room (multipurpose room) of the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis.

“Agri-Food Supply Chain in the Tunisian Context: Challenges and Solution”
May 03, 2023 at the Ali El Hili room (multipurpose room) of the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis.

PRIMA Program

PRIMA (Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean) aims to strengthen research and innovation capacities and to develop knowledge and innovative solutions to empower smallholders in the Mediterranean region.


This project on the implementation of smart models for the local agri-food value chain based on digital technologies to promote resilience and sustainability in the face of covid-19 in the Mediterranean region started in Mai 2022 in the framework of the PRIMA program.

This 36-month project is a joint program to be undertaken within the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation Network of Funding Agencies from Mediterranean Countries and EU Associated States, with national funding.

SMALLDERS Technical Workshop Objectives

This event on the theme of the Agri-Food Supply Chain in the Tunisian Context: Challenges and Solutions is part of the activities of the SMALLDERS project. Its main objectives are to present the main agri-food supply chain actors and discuss with stakeholders the various challenges, solutions, and perspectives and how we can contribute together in the SMALLDERS project.

Workshop Program

08h30- 09h00: Welcoming Session

09h00-09h05: Welcome message (Mr. Abdel kader MAMI, Professor in FST and LAPER RU director)

09h05 – 09h15: Honor messages (Mr. Noureddine AMDOUNI, Faculty of Sciences of Tunis Dean and Mr. Abdessalem BEN SALEM, General secretary of Benikhiar municipality)

09h15 – 09h25: « SMALLDERS project presentation» (Ms. Lilia SIDHOM, Associate professor in ENIB and SMALLDERS project leader)

09h30 – 09h40: « CAPBON Agricultural sector and CRDA contribution in the SMALLDERS project » (Mr. Hatem BEN THAMEUR, Director of Studies and Agricultural Development at CRDA Nabeul)

09h45 – 10h00: « Local Union of Agriculture and Fisheries of Korba role in adjusting the balance between production potential and marketing prospects» ( Mr. Mohamed BELAMRI, Vice President of ULAP Korba)

10h05 – 10h25: « Smallholders testimony» (Mr. Bassem AL IMAM, Mr. Youssef HAMMAMI and Mr. Ali ZIEDI)

10h30– 10h45: « Development of strategic and modern plan aiming at the supervising and stimulating of rural women skills» (Ms. Nadia SASSI, President of GDA El Frinene Dar Chaaben El Fehri)

10h50 – 11h15: Coffee break

11h15 – 11h30: « Fruit value chain challenges and solutions » (Ms. Dorsaf BEN AHMED, Deputy director at DGPA)

11h35 – 11h50: « Marketing and conditioning of bitter orange blossom water » (Ms. Rim CHAKROUN, Director of SMBSA Nabeul)

11h55 – 12h10: « Milk sector challenges and solutions» (Mr. Ghazi SADKAOUI, Director at El BADR / NATILAIT group)

12h15 – 12h35: « Smallholders’ supervision ways in the dairy sector » (Mr. Mohamed Ali CHTIBA, Manager of Yanabii Elkheyr STPEA ZITOUNA II)

12h40 – 13h30: Roundtable and workshop closure

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